SAAF (Strong African American Families)

SAAF (Strong African American Families)

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All of us are concerned about the health and safety of our children, especially as they approach their teenage years. These are the years in which they become more independent and begin to make decisions for themselves. These decisions can affect their health, safety, and success as young adults. The SAAF Program is a seven-session, family-centered program designed to enhance the well-being of African American families by:

Strengthening parents’/caregivers’ ability to:

  • Find a balance between firm parenting and showing love
  • Support youth goals and promote independence
  • Promote racial pride

Helping youth to:

  • Develop healthy goals for the future
  • Resist temptation and peer pressure related to risky behaviors
  • Understand their positive qualities
  • Learn to manage difficult/unfair situations in a healthy way

Supporting families in:

  • Enhancing communication and support to family members
  • Identifying and using community resources that support positive youth development

Download the Strong African American Families SAAF Brochure

What Families Can Expect:

Caregivers and youth who participate will enjoy a fun, family- centered program! Youth and caregivers meet separately during the first part of the program, then together as a family for the second component. Activities include games, discussions, arts and crafts and more. All activities focus on promoting positive youth development and positive family relationships.

Participants May Include:

  • Families with youth ages 10–14 years
  • Single-parent homes
  • Two-parent homes
  • Foster families
  • Families with grandparents as caregivers
  • Multiracial families
  • Blended families

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