Building Strong Relationships

Building Strong Relationships

Any relationship requires time, commitment, and understanding between individuals. Sometimes that is easier said than done, even for Amachi Pittsburgh’s mentors and mentees. Our staff is always here to help you strengthen your mentoring relationship! Here are some of our best tips:

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The following resources, developed by some of our partners, can be used to complement Amachi’s training and resources.

The Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania uses the “Tips for Building a Mentoring Relationship” to train new mentors.

In addition, The National Mentoring Partnership has created a resource library of free supportive tools for mentors, including an article on building trust with your mentee.

The Youth Mentoring Connection provides an interactive Mentor Tips Quiz so mentors can reflect on difficult issues that may arise, like a suspension from school, suicidal language, or even a serious national topic, like 9/11. It offers a variety of possible mentor responses, along with explanations for the best route for handling the situation.