Anna Hollis Kander

Executive Director

Davida Allen

Director of Strategy & Operations

Chalét Allen

Director of Programming & Special Initiatives

Caily Grube

Director of Development & Communications

Samantha Monks

Policy & Outcomes Manager

Nina Sabak

Learning Manager

Caprice Scott

Family Engagement & Match Support Specialist

Ryan-Louis McNeil

Outreach Coordinator

DaRon Kenney

Mentoring Specialist

Taylor Kovacs

Mentoring Specialist

MarQuice Scott-Ford

Administrative Assistant


Maisha Sturdivant, Chair


Will Carpenter, Vice Chair

Carpenter Construction

Leah Hemminger, Secretary

PPG Industries

Daniel Erin, Treasurer

PPG Industries

Damon Bethea

United Way of Southwestern PA

Michelle Berryman

PA Turnpike Commission

Michelle Chenn

Axiom Advancement Corporation

Frederick Massey

Visions 2020, LLC

Dr. Deborah Moss


Damion Wilson

POISE Foundation

Derrick Wilson

The Wilson Group

“[A]machi really has this incredible advocacy arm. And not every community resource organization has an advocacy arm, many of them are designed to fill a hole to answer a single need, as opposed to then taking that need as a reflection of an issue that needs to be brought in a broader way to be solved systematically.” A Pediatrician and Partner