Become a Mentee

Many of the world’s most successful people have benefited from having a mentor. For a child with one or both parents incarcerated, the commitment and support of a mentor is beyond measure.

Why have a mentor?

  • Gain another role model in your life
  • Have fun and learn something new!
  • Research shows that mentoring works:
    • Challenging young people to excel academically and in extracurricular activities that promote healthy social interaction, team-building, collaboration and problem solving.
    • Be a role model for a child impacted by parental incarceration and help break the generational cycle of incarceration; give back to the community and empower children to reach their full potential; have fun and learn something new!
    • Helping young people improve their relationships with others.
    • Working alongside caregivers to reinforce a stable environment grounded in values and a belief in family.
    • Exposing young people to educational and cultural events and opportunities.


  • Age 6-18
  • Live in Allegheny County
  • Have an incarcerated parent or family member (current or former incarciration)
  • Be willing to commit to a one-year minimum mentoring relationship with a mentor of four hours per month minimum
  • Be willing to complete the screening process; communicate regularly with Amachi staff; and abide by all Amachi policies and procedures

Enrollment Process

  1. Complete Mentee Application 
  2. Guardian Survey
  3. Mentee survey
  4. Home visit & paperwork (with Amachi staff)

Interested but want to learn more?

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