Meet Christy & Family

“Our favorite part about being part of Amachi is that the staff care about the families… the fact that they try and make the best of a bad situation is awesome. Ny family benefited so much from working with Amachi. We were treated like people, not a statistic.” – Christy

Meet Damon & JaVaughn

JaVaughn, age 9, looks up to his mentor “Mr. Damon” as a role model. Their favorite activity together is going to Kennywood amusement park. JaVaughn and Damon are learning so many things from one another. Damon is teaching JaVaughn about how important school is, while JaVaughn is teaching Damon about the importance of being patient. Damon hopes to always be a positive influence in his mentee’s life; he considers JaVaughn a part of his family.

Introducing Tiger!

Tiger has been matched with his mentor, George, for 5 years. Since being a part of Amachi, Tiger has seen changes in himself, such as being a better person and improvements in his public-speaking skills. He wants to make a difference as an Amachi Ambassador, and loves the Ambassador events! He helped to plan a youth leadership workshop for the FutureFocus career fair. He was also featured in a video about youth engagement in education and presented his perspective about the topic at the video premier at Carlow University. He participated in producing the Amachi Pittsburgh video through the Steeltown Youth Nedia project. Tiger is a 16-year-old junior at East Allegheny High School.